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Relative Theory

It's something I noticed, after watching old BLEACH episodes, and I think it has some relevance considering, It's another of those BLEACH relative theories. Check it out HERE and give me a heads up if I'm off my rocker or not.

Is Urahara a Vaizard?

New member here! In celebration of the return of plot to Bleach, let's have a big, plotty discussion! There's also a chance this theory will soon be confirmed or debunked; I, for one, want to set my ideas in text so I can look back and laugh at them in the future. Please be warned that this is a very, very long read.

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Is Urahara a Vaizard?

A lot of the following was previously posted at the Bleach7 forums in the thread Urahara a vizard? My contributions start on p. 8.

Before discussing the two known methods of creating a Vaizard, let's deal with a bunch of related issues.

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Now that all (well, most of, lol) the evidence's been laid out, decide if Urahara's a Vaizard or not. I, er, can't make an actual poll, so I coded a dinky table instead. Please comment with your opinions! If you prefer to remain anonymous, you may e-mail your vote to me at zincpiccalilli@yahoo.com. Expect daily updates for a couple weeks.

I also included an option for the really confused and/or ambivalent. Mostly because I'm a chicken and fall in this group myself. -_____-;;

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Ichigo Kurosaki- Son of Kaien

Look out ! It's a crazy  Schiba Conspiracy Teory !

I was suprised, that people still thinking how make Ichigo and Kaien a family, but I haven’t ever see a theory, that Ichigo is Kaien's son. So I've made one by myself.


Everything starts when Kaien’s wife- Miyako- becomes pregnant. Aizen Sosuke, who still wasn’t  a captain, have experiment in secret on child’s fetus. When a boy was born, Aizen want end what he has started. But he must remove from the way Kaien and Miyako, and Kaien’ s older brother- Isshin. By using his zanpakuto’s powers, Aizen  has trying to knit Kaien and Isshin in  to something terrible, like betray or murdering. But from some reasons Urahara Kisuke was framed, instead of Kaien. I don’t must know what a chaos was in Soul Society in these days. Some way Kein has discovered, that a mind behind this all want to kidnap his son. So when Isshin and his wife, Masaki must escaped from Soul Society to Earth, Kaien and Miyako give their child to they, to protect it. Isshin and Masaki have lived on Earth, and bring up litte Ichigo like their own child. In Soul Society Kaien has trying to prove, that Isshin  and Urahara aren’ t guilty. But when he has discovered something, Metastatica has appear. And we all know what happened next.


So, what are you thinking about this ?



PS: Sorry for my bad English. My English skills sux.

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ok i heard a rumor

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ok i heard a rumor from a friend. she says that Gin might be a vizard because:
1. it would make sense on why he is following Aizen
2. why you never seen his bankai
3. why he always randomly disappears on Matsumoto

what's your opinion? is this plausible, cause it would explain alot of why Gin is following Aizen?

Yoruichi=former captain or not

I checked through the memories and this doesn't seem to have been discussed before, so my apologies if it has been.

Okay, so I'm a member of TV.com (can be a good thing at times, but usually not). On the Bleach board I've gotten into some arguements (mostly with the same guy) about whether or not Yoruichi was Captain of 2nd squad. I need some help with trying to prove this wrong, maybe you guys can help out.
There are 2 pages I've found that clearly state that she's been commander of Onmitsukidou and the captain of one the divisions of Onmitsukidou. Chapter 118 page 08 and Chapter 130 page 10 (both translations are from Manga-Rain)
I haven't made a thorough re-reading of the chapters with her and SoiFong fighting, but I don't recall seeing it said in there that she was 2nd squad captain.

Also, I know some people say that SoiFong carries Yoruchi's old zanpakuto, what evidence is there for and against this claim? I haven't tried comparing the sword that you see Yoruichi wearing in that page from chapter 130 versus the sword that SoiFong carries.

Trying to prove this guy wrong about Yoruichi being a Captain is aggravating, and it kinda embarrasses me that I have to look for back-up, but it would certainly help out.