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Bleach RAW scans Unmasked: Character Book

I got this today! Bright and early and scanned most of the pages from the first to page 66. For some reason the first page is numbered 8. Who knows *shrug* but I've compressed it and uploaded the first part into mediafire.

Mediafire Link

I can't translate much of it at all but I do know that the doggie is a Fraccion of Yammy and its name is Kukkapuro! His Arrancar number is 35! Sorry to any Ulqufans but for me that's the best information of all! Plus the doggie is 100% still alive! "Bouncer LIVES!"

A short 11 page manga featuring Ulquiorra is included.
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Bleach Volume 40 The Lust Scans

The current Bleach volume 40 is out in Japan now. I bought it and scanned the extra doodles between the chapters.

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By mz_d at 2009-08-15

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Please feel free to download and share this post on other forums but remember some good manners please and credit to my hard work scanning this would be nice.

I've still to scan the cover as I know that's out there somewhere. If someone wants a HD scan let me know in a comment. Don't hotlink(take my links and use them on another site!) I will delete if I detect that's happening.