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As some of you may have noticed, the layout of soul_society has gone really wonky. I have no idea what happened or how it happened, just that it's very inconvenient (and doesn't look very good...). I've switched the layout to the S1 layout we had before, so you guys won't have a hard time browsing.
I apologise in advance to adaneko and cyrnelle who made and adapted our current layout respectively.

Right now our main mod, rukia, is unavaibliabe online, but I've emailed her about it so she can have a final say (eg about a new layout, etc).

If there is anyone here who has knowledge about S2 CSS, please contact me about it.


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Mod Post: As good a time as any

Long time no see, Bleach fans.

I have not been absent, nor have I been inactive. When a post is deleted, I'm usually the one to blame. I haven't gone anywhere - I simply haven't said hello in a long time. Eep.

There has been a recent uproar in LiveJournal over journals getting deleted. I am having a hard time following everything that is going on, but as far as I know, soul_society is safe and sound (unless we get reported for the raws, but we seem safe in this particular situation).

On an unrelated note, I'm taking the opportunity to do a little Mod overhauling. I've been thinking about doing this for a while. soul_society has grown been pretty low key these past several months. The membership has hit about 6,000 but maintaining the comm hasn't been too hectic, so I will be cutting down the number of mods. For now, there will just be me. If anyone who is currently a mod would prefer to stay one, just let me know.

My deepest thanks to those of you who have helped me out with the community. Since I have not put the time and effort adequate to organize a large group of moderators, there was very little opportunities available that all of the mods could apply themselves to do. I have also failed at arranging tags and memories to work well for the community, also due to a lack of effort and knowledge. I can see that there is a lot things which I could have asked for help about, but I failed to do so. I am sorry for the lack of effort on my part and I am very grateful to those of you who were willing to help me moderate since this community began.

And, that's it. That's the only significant change at the moment. I'm not making any changes to the rules, the layout or anything else at the moment. I wouldn't know where to start and where to finish.

I notice that a lot of posts start off with "delete this if it's not allowed", but honestly, I would prefer that, instead of writing that, just ask me first. You don't have to go to the trouble to e-mail me (it may get buried under spam, after all), but all you need to do is leave a comment one of the posts on my LJ, telling me what you wish to post. If I don't get back to you fast enough for your tastes, feel free to post based on your own judgment. I've usually found that those members who are kind enough to ask are already kind enough to check the rules on the userinfo first, so my answer usually turns out to be "yes."

Also, if there's anything about the community rules which you'd wish to debate, challenge or inquire about, just comment here and let me know what your views are.

I'm sorry that this post if more community-related than Bleach-related. Hopefully I can avoid that in the future.

Take care, all!
Happy Cheer!
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Holiday Mod Post

Happy Holidays everyone!

About 300 or so members have joined since I've last made a post, so I'll introduce myself: Hello, everyone, I'm rukia, the main moderator of soul_society. You can call me Airy. ^_^

If anyone is wondering why I haven't made a mod post in such a long time - don't worry, I haven't been a lazy mod, nor do I intend to be. No matter how busy, I always have time to check up on things here. The only reason I haven't posted is that there hasn't been an overwhelming need for a Mod post. You are all really nice people and I'm very happy to help run such a pleasant community. ♥

As it stands, I'm just here to wish a season's greetings and make some general reminders. Most importantly, if there is anything you as a member think could be done to improve this community, feel free to email me or leave a comment on my lj to let me know. I'm here whenever any of you need me... or at the very least I'll keep trying my best to as accessible as possible. ^^;

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That's all I can think of at the moment. Happy holidays and take care everyone! Thank you all for yet another wonderful year in this community!
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