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Greetings, everyone.

If these kind of posts aren't allowed, mods, by all means, feel free to delete this. And I apologise for the following sappiness...

So I stumbled upon my folder of Bleach scans, to print&color someday, and I was hit with nostalgia. I stopped reading Bleach around chapter 560 something, due to the endless fights and sudden and contracdictory power-ups. But seeing those images I had saved for future use, I remembered how much I loved Tite Kubo's characters, and how much Bleach (specially Rukia) influenced me since I was a tween. I remember loving the fandom, how organizes it was, how it was able to be serious and make fun of the series (the times I had at capslock_bleach...).

Is it worth picking up Bleach again?
I read a spoiler somewhere that Aizen had risen a 2nd or 3rd time (that guy must me immortal or smth)... How is the plot? Does it get better, or keeps going downhill, like Naruto (*shudders*)?? And there's character development, or is like Naruto again, where there's so many characters that there's no time or space for them to evolve and for us to know each one properly, so we only get glimpses? Or they simply vanish when they're no longer needed, like Ulquiorra and Grimmjow and others.

Thank your for your time

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I came across this picture of Grimmjow on tumblr yesterday:

Can anyone tell me if this is an official picture and, if so, from which chapter? Because I don't recall seeing this in any of the Espada arc chapters.

what was that?

[Selling] Bleach Manga Vol 1-27

I am trying to clear out my bookshelves before moving, so I am selling all of my manga. From Bleach, I have volume 1-27 that I am selling for $3 a piece, with $3 for shipping in the US. $.50 for each additional. All volumes are mint condition.

Payment accepted via paypal only.

[I also have Gintama 1-8 (English), and the full set of Fushigi Yugi (1-18) and Ayashi no Ceres (1-14)(Japanese)]
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Bleach Volume 40 The Lust Scans

The current Bleach volume 40 is out in Japan now. I bought it and scanned the extra doodles between the chapters.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
By mz_d at 2009-08-15

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Please feel free to download and share this post on other forums but remember some good manners please and credit to my hard work scanning this would be nice.

I've still to scan the cover as I know that's out there somewhere. If someone wants a HD scan let me know in a comment. Don't hotlink(take my links and use them on another site!) I will delete if I detect that's happening.