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Dammit, I am old.

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Has it ever come to you that Bleach is on for already 14 years?..

Fourteen years.

I am old.
We are all old.

Will it be finished in a year? I doubt that.

No less than two or three years I give it.

Do you want it to end? To finally see everything calm and happy?

How long have you been reading it?
It's 12 years for me.

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How Do You Think The Manga Will End?

I'm very interested to know what everyone thinks will happen at the end. Will Aizen wreck havoc once again? Will any major characters die? Will certain ships be realised? All opinions are welcome!

No ship or character bashing. If you don't agree with someone's viewpoint, be polite about it but there are different opinions concerning Bleach and everyone has a right to believe what they want. If there any questions, you can contact me anytime.
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So I'm curious, I heard from a friend some rumors. I'd like to hear from you guys if they're true or not. Ok, first off:

First off, Funimation is going bankrupt?
And secondly, Naruto and Bleach will no longer be dubbed?
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Selling: Bleach Movie Guides


I'm selling two Bleach movie guides if your interested pleases contact me here on LiveJournal or you can go to my official website, www.brandzess.com thanks!

Tittles: Bleach Movie Guide Memories of Nobody & Bleach Movie Guide Fade to Black both include poster inside.
Pages: Full color, includes 38 pages each.
Language: Japanese
Condition: Brand New
Shipping: Worldwide

Price: $13.00 for both

Plushie Sales!

Hola Minna-sama:

Friend of mine made this awesome looking Nova plushie (20$). It's one of a kind and in great condition! I've got pictures below and my purchasing disclaimer before the pictures. If you'd like more pictures, just let me know I'll gladly add more. Disclaimer follows after the jump:

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