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So I'm curious, I heard from a friend some rumors. I'd like to hear from you guys if they're true or not. Ok, first off:

First off, Funimation is going bankrupt?
And secondly, Naruto and Bleach will no longer be dubbed?
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Selling: Bleach Movie Guides


I'm selling two Bleach movie guides if your interested pleases contact me here on LiveJournal or you can go to my official website, www.brandzess.com thanks!

Tittles: Bleach Movie Guide Memories of Nobody & Bleach Movie Guide Fade to Black both include poster inside.
Pages: Full color, includes 38 pages each.
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Netflix Streaming Bleach up to ep 109

For those who have Netflix in the United States, the first 109 episodes (up into the Assault portion of the Bount arc) are being streamed.

SUBBED streaming. I know a lot of people don't care for the dub and yes I have checked a few eps and those were subbed, so we'll assume all are subbed.


and for those who have Netflix and are looking for it, the search page to get to it is this:


Not telling you to run out and get Netflix, but the cheapest plan is streaming only, costs $7.99 a month and you can watch unlimited amounts on four devices simultaneously. Other plans will change the amount of simultaneous feeds, but the streaming only is four devices at once.

I hope the mods don't mind me posting this, but a lot of people have Netflix and since this is new and exciting, I thought I would share here. Mods, please forgive me if I overstepped.

Edited when alerted/reminded that it was not available for our Canadian neighbors.

Anime question

So I was wondering if the recent zanpakutou filler arc in the anime is worth watching. (serious question)

- Did Kubo give a nod to the anime zanpakutou developments or did Aniplex just go and do whatever they wanted(like they usually do anyway)?
- Is Kubo involved in the designs of the "spirit forms" of the Zanpakutou?

But most importantly,
- Do you feel that the filler story does unrepairable damage to the manga canon (ex. what happened to Ishida in the Bount arc)? If so please elaborate.