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soul_society's Journal

Bleach Manga Community
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

No Newbie Intro Posts
No need to post just to say hi or categorize yourself as "new." When you're in, you're in. Welcome!

No Icons, Fanwork, Personal Requests, or Non-discussion Q&A
There are other communities that welcome these types:
- Icons = bleach_icons
- Fanwork = kurosaki_clinic
- Requests and Non-discussion Q&A = bleach_fact
Note: Role-Playing Game advertisements can be found at bleach_theatre and there is a monthly ad post arranged through that community. As such, RPG ads that do not go through this method are deleted.

Think before you Post
Before posting, ask yourself:
1. Has this been posted before?
2. Is the post simply a way to rant and vent frustration?
If your answers to both are No then go for it.

Spoilers = LJ-Cut
Keep spoilers behind an lj-cut with warnings please.

When in doubt, ask your mod
Got a question? Send a message to the mod! :)
Posts that deviate from the rules will most likely be deleted. Sorry about that.


What is Bleach?
A young man who can see spirits of the dead happens to be a Hollow-bashing Part-time Shinigami. Wackiness, stylish art, and epic battles ensue. Bleach is currently running in Shonen Jump, Japan's best-selling weekly manga publisher. Off-shoots include a TV series, a radio show, rock musicals, and drama CDs.

Viz is currently publishing Bleach in English.

What is Soul Society about?
This is a place to talk about Bleach (i.e. links, rumors, text translations, speculations). Posts about Kubo Tite and any of his previous works, like Zombie Powder, are cool too.

Current layout by adaneko, modified into S2 format by cyrnelle.

I cannot speak for the translators who contribute to this community, but I do ask that everyone treat them respectfully and do not use anything without the translator's permission.

Sister Communities:
bleach_theatre is a place to advertise for Bleach Roleplaying Games.
kurosaki_clinic is a place to share Bleach fanwork (fanart, layouts, fanfiction, etc.)
bleach_icons is a place to share Bleach lj icons. XD
bleach_fact is a place to get your Bleach questions answered, as well as for personal requests for images, old raws, anime eps, etc. If you have a question that will not involve a long discussion and can be easily answered - Bleach Fact is the place to ask.
all_for_bleach is also a general bleach community of a slightly different style than s_s.
rukongai is the Spanish-speaking Bleach Fan Community.

Rockin' Future 7 - Old Archive of s_s: translations, info, and fanworks. Hasn't been updated in a while.
Very Comprehensive List of Communities: To assist your Bleach fandom needs.

The Soul Society FAQ
To help answer any questions you may have about the rules, the series, or the community.

You can find tags of community posts compiled here by stardust_rain