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Chapter 325 Summary

Thanks Annie in BleachAsylum for translating.


Bleach 325: Fear for the fight

Continues from the last chapter, Findor was looking at Hisagi’s zanpakutou. Hisagi told him he doesn’t like it that much. When Findor asked why, Hisagi said he hates its shape, “Can’t you see its shape is for taking lives?” However, his face showed no mercy which even scared Findor.

They fought. Shuuhei used threw the right sword and managed to cut Findor’s right cheek. He continued by throwing the left one but Findor managed to catch it so Shuuehi jumped toward him and aimed another one at him. Findor used his claw to catch it and attack Shuuhei but he dodged. Shuuhei fell from the building but Findor followed him. However, Shuuhei pull the zampakouto’s chain back and the sword was pulled toward Findor and he injured his left arm.

“You can’t read it, can you? Its movement.” Said Shuuhei while playing with his sword. Findor only forced out a smile. After a while without any movement Shuuhei asked if Findor is scared. He yelled back then threw the right claw out but Shuuhei escaped. “Oh really? But I am scared.”

“What are you scared of? You think you are too powerful and it scares you!!? How naïve! I will show you!” Then Findor destroyed the rest of his mask, only a few pieces left below his right eye.

“It’s over! Now my power is equal to the captain level! Lieutenant Level like you cannot win against me!”

Shuuhei remained calm and only moved his left hand to control the sword when Findor’s right claw was cut into two pieces.

“You probably never fear of your power…probably never of your opponents either.” Said Shuuhei then continuing, “Those who have no fear when wielding sword doesn’t deserve to wield one.” An image of Tousen passed his mind, “I was taught this way.”

Findor cursed then turned his back trying to run away. Shuuhei still calmly talk how Findor finally realizes what fear really is so both of them are equal. Shuuhei threw the sword following Findor then he screamed. Shuuhei looked at his victory when he heard the explosion. He turned around and was shock to see that one of the pillars has been destroyed.

Shuuhei wasn’t the only one who was in shock. Both Yumichika and Kira were staring at the scene in shock when they yelled, “Ikkaku..!!!”

Pics here

I have to say... making Ikkaku, the bankai'ed one who fandom usually see as stronger than any vice-captain, be the one defeated is a good move. If all of them win easily, the next fights would not be as exciting. It seems like he didn't release bankai, though. So like Yumichika, he'd rather lose and fail his important duty than to release his maximum power in front of other people. Because if Ikkaku bankais there, at least Shuuhei and Kira would know. And Yamamoto might sense the reiatsu. Ikkaku might just spring back next week and win, but would that make a difference is the pillar is destroyed? Or can they do a replacement pillar in the short time?
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