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Bleach flower list ~ Gotei 13 Symbols

Inspired by britt's post in bleach_fact, I resumed a pretty old search that I made in Italian about the Bleach flowers.
I spent some minutes on Wikipedia to pick some links and I tried to made up a quick list that may be used as a discussion startpoint for a reference about the meaning of the Gotei 13 Symbols.
Please let me know your thoughts on this list, I have been greatly helped by my mother who used to work as a florist years ago... :-)

  1. Centaurea or  Chrysanthemum (specially this one -- thanks to sff_corgi)
  2. Cyclamen
  3. Marigold (reference to Chapter 323, page 20)
  4. Gentian, maybe even Gentiana Acaulis (thanks to d_sky and shiroro)
  5. Lily of the Valley (thanks to haya5h1)
  6. Camelia (thanks to haya5h1)
  7. Iris (thanks to d_sky)
  8. Strelitzia, also known as Flower of Paradise
  9. Lotus, or specifically a Sacred Lotus
  10. Daffodil (thanks to medeni_ci_jones)
  11. Yarrow (thanks to d_sky)
  12. Dianthus / Sweet William or Thistle -- what do you think?
  13. Snowdrop (thanks to shiroro)
PS: I'm gonna write here instead of the comments... there's a lot of confusion on this and that, it's difficult to discuss things at this rate... :D So I'm gonna summarize everything above :P

it would be great if somebody with some Wikipedia knowledge could update this article about Gotei 13 Insignia, for those who are not in this discussion :) The informations can be taken from this post ^^ -- done by sff_corgi , thank you!! :)

LAST EDIT: September 5th, 2008
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