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Mod Post: Ranting and Character Bashing on s_s

I'm not interested in making more rules. This is a matter of common sense and common courtesy. It's a matter of not being a jerk simply because it's possible to do so on the internet.

On with the debates. Remember that this is only in the context of soul_society and how things are maintained here. For fear of being tl;dr, I'll take this one after another:

Although _debbiechan_'s earlier post went a little too far, the question at the heart of it was simple: What is character-bashing and how is that different from expressing one's opinion?

It's a valid question, although there was bias that complicated the earlier discussion. Pretty much everyone has a different opinion on character-bashing. It's not like one can point to a wikipedia definition and say that is all it means.

So, for the sake of this community, its important we recognize character-bashing and why it should not be practiced or encouraged here.

I hate Mayuri! He's a creepy-ass bastard who should kill himself. Seriously! Who the fuck cares about him? He shouldn't even be in Bleach.

That? Personally, I'd call that character-bashing ...and sounding like a jerk.

I really don't like Mayuri. While Captains like Zaraki might put their subordinates in danger, Mayuri outright murders his subordinates, like in his strategy to capture Ishida and Orihime. As much as I dislike him though, I can see why he is valid in the story and the tension he creates with other characters is interesting.

That? Same idea, but different execution. Is it character-bashing? No use of the word "hate" (although ridiculously overused, it's still a heavy word to throw around in this context). No expletives. Polite. And, hey look, thought and reason is there to support the comment. The last part isn't necessary, but if one wishes to have a balanced discussion on a public forum it helps a heck of a lot.

That is how I define character bashing, that's all. I'm only sharing this opinion because I'm trying to look after things in this community. I need input to know whether I should re-define my views - specifically when it comes to how I should manage "character-bashing" comments and posts for the community. Tell me what you think.

The poll results from earlier helped out a whole lot and I'm very grateful to all of those who contributed by votes and comments.

I will continue to deal with "rant posts" on a case by case basis, since (as with the issue of character-bashing) what constitutes as a "rant" is a matter of interpretation. I will judge rants and their validity much the same way that I interpret bashing. Though this is a good time to offer other suggestions.

If you wish to sound like a drama king or queen, as in offend others' opinions, complain publicly without sound explainations, and restrict discussion, then please do not be surprised if the post does not last long on soul_society.

Please keep in mind that this is not a matter of "oversensitivity." This is basic etiquette, general decency, and an simple effort to be kind to others. No one is here to validate the opinions of disrespectful jerks.

Hopefully, this will be the last time you'll hear me bring up the subject. I'm terrible at expressing myself when it comes to these sort of things.

Oh! By the way, the Layout Contest deadline is approaching and I'm thinking about raising the incentive. Hehe. :)
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