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[Doujinshi Sales Post] [12.03.11
Sat [7:33AM]]
Hey all! Doing some Christmas Shopping? Thinking of getting some doujinshi? Please check out my selection Bleach doujinshi (both Gen and Adult). Terms and Shipping at princy_quide at the links following:

Check out what I got over here at Princy_Quide!

Adult Doujinshi - 18 or over ONLY


[selling] bleach merchandises [12.03.11
Sat [10:19PM]]
Hi everyone!!

Merry X'mas 2011 and Upcoming Happy New Year 2012!!

We have updated the shop with new pre-orders and arrivals!
The discounted prices for some items will remain discounted.

Free gifts for purchases above $10 for this festive season till 15th January 2012!
We also have some out-of-stock items popping up in several categories!
To those who have not completed their collections yet, be fast =)

Do note that the shipping and handling fee will be as per normal. Paypal fee will also be chargeable to customers. Please take a look at our FAQ or contact us directly if you have any enquiry.

Have a fun and enjoyable shopping!!

Here's the links to my site:

Sales List



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