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Bleach Manga Community's Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
Bleach Manga Community

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Rukia's Farewell [09.14.11
Wed [2:04PM]]
After eight years, I am ready to step down as moderator of soul_society.

I've had a great time over the years and I'm very proud that I could do my part for such a warm and friendly community. I've learned so much as a moderator and I will take all of those lessons to heart.

My thanks to all of your who make this community a peaceful and welcoming place for Bleach fans.

I hope you will all join me by welcoming copper_season as the new owner and moderator of soul_society. As someone who impressed upon me how passionate they feel about Bleach and the community, I feel this shall work out to everyone's satisfaction. :)

If you have any questions or concerns about this transition, please let me know.

Since this will most likely be my final post, I just wanted to say one last time: Thank you.

Thank you for the discussions.

Thank you for the translations.

Thank you for the jokes.

And thank all of you for just being fun, interesting folks.

It's been a blast! ^_^


Introduction Post [09.14.11
Wed [3:54PM]]
[ mood | excited ]

Hello everyone! I am copper_season your new owner and moderator of soul_society. I'm very excited to have this opportunity to be in charge of this awesome community and I look forward to many wonderful discussions and squeeing sessions over Bleach.

First, I will not be doing any changes to the community without first bringing it to you, the members. I am a firm believer in transparency and open discussion in any forum. I also like to take into account other people's opinions, cares, and concerns. If anyone has any suggestions on how the community can be improved, please let me know! This is such a wonderful community and together we can make it greater.

Second, I would like to thank rukia for all that she has done for the community. She is an awesome person and she will be missed as owner and moderator. I love that this community is so friendly and that we all can discuss our favorite thing, Bleach.

Third, I won't be looking for additional help at this time. I want to get a feel for the community, learn my way around before I come to any decisions on if any maintainers are needed. There may come a time down the road that I will need to bring other fans on board to help monitor the community, when that time comes I will make a "help wanted" post in the community looking for volunteers.

If anyone needs to contact me or has any questions, you can PM me through my journal or leave a comment here or on my journal. I will do my best to get back to you as promptly as possible.

I hope all of you have a wonderful day.


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