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[fic] Winter War - Ensemble: Haste [07.05.11
Tue [11:20PM]]
Title: Winter War - Ensemble: Haste
Authors: incandescens. liralen
Characters: Hinamori, Soi Fong, Isane, Ukitake
Rating/Warning: PG-13.
Notes: This is a dark AU co-plotted with sophiap and liralen. The war against Aizen's forces went very badly. Nothing is sacred and no one is safe.


Index of Links

32. Ukitake: Sacrifices
33. Ensemble: Splitting The Party
34. Karin: At Bay
35. Retaking Seireitei, Part 2
36. Grimmjow: Trauma

Requesting urgent assistance for Ukitake-taichou, repeat, requesting urgent assistance.

We also now have a TV Tropes page at http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/FanFic/WinterWar, and are most grateful to whoever it was that created it.


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