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Zangetsu changes apperance [03.05.11
Sat [1:58AM]]
Ok i bet this was discussed at some point, but i "dropped" Bleach more than year a go and started reading manga again just recently.
Anyway i just came to the lost substitute shinigami arc, and reading chapters before that i though there was something completely off with the way Zangetsu looks.
For one he got younger for 40 year or so (at some point i thought he looks younger than Ichigo himself xD), but wants more important is his mustache/beard (i actually had to look at some old pictures to remember about this). Either way.... overall he looks like a completely different person.

So anybody knows why all the differences, from where they came from? If it was ever told in the story i obviously missed it (or it happens so long time ago i just simply forgot.
I'd really appreciate if somebody helped me refresh my memory or just enlighten me on why this happened.


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