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Selling: doujinshi & manga [11.23.10
Tue [2:19PM]]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Hey there, all..!

Going through my shelves, I realize that it's time for me to part with some of my stuff, to make room. < :) My loss, your gain, right?

As much as I hate to do it, i've been thinking of selling my RenRuki ( Renji x Rukia) Honey Canon doujinshis.

I have 6 of them. They're all in good to excellent condition.

I'd *really* like to sell them all in a set, if possible...!

As stated above, I hate to let them go- the artwork is gorgeous- but I believe that they deserve a better home.

The titles are as followed:

*Karakura Freeload
*Togirenu Ito

I ALSO have a *complete* (vols. 1 thru 32) set of the english translated Bleach manga. Would make a wonderful Christmas gift!

Make me an offer, if interested? Really, offer away! I may just surprise you with a great deal. :)

Pictures can be provided for those (seriously) interested..!


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