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Bleach Manga Community's Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
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merchandises for sale [06.16.10
Wed [3:43PM]]

I have several bleach keychains for sale.
Do take a look at:

Thank you!


Posted with the gracious permission of the mod [06.16.10
Wed [4:17PM]]
Hi folks,

My name's Nina, and I come with a (potentially slightly odd) request. I'm the mod of a community called gulf_aid_now, which aims to use LJ's creative community to help the people (and animals) in the Gulf of Mexico region who are currently getting a serious hurt put on them. If any of you participated in or have heard of help_haiti, it's the same concept, but for the Gulf.

If you didn't or haven't, here's a thirty-second rundown: people post things for auction, such as offers to create fanfiction/fanart/AMVs, learned crafts (like beading or crochet), or in some rare cases, hard-to-find items that are not handmade (right now we have a box of Belgian chocolate up for grabs). Other people bid on these auctions, and when the auction ends, the winning bidder makes their payment to a Gulf-based charity (there are a whole slew of them listed on the community, or you can choose your own), shows the confirmation page to the auctioner, and receives the item they bid on.

The first round of auctions (ending on the 18th of June) is going moderately well, but just because the auctions end doesn't mean the need does. A new round of auctions will be going up on the 20th of June, and we the mods are trying to get more people interested so we can raise as much money as possible to help the Gulf relief effort. If anyone here is interested in making Bleach one of the represented fandoms, either as a bidder or an auctioner, please head over to gulf_aid_now and check it out. If it's not for you but you think there are folks on your flist who would be interested and you'd like to pass on the word (or if it is for you and you'd like to pass it on), there's a public post on my personal journal right under the "semi-friends only" banner that you are welcome to crosspost/link to.

Thanks so much for your time and interest!



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