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Bleach Manga Community's Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
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Small yet quick sales entry [05.19.10
Wed [2:42PM]]
Offering free shipping to all the goods listed HERE except overseas, I can not offer free shipping overseas. Read more at the link provided.


Wed [6:16PM]]
Hello Bleach fans. If this isn't allowed, please just let me know and I'll delete it ASAP.

I'm here looking for some BLEACH roleplayers. My muses have been really spinning lately to roleplay as Hitsugaya, so I wanted to find other characters to have fun with. This could be female or male characters, even OC's if they're treated well enough. I do all kinds of pairings, or just general roleplay, so really, whatever you're into, it's cool. Just run it by me! I'd like to have someone roleplay with at least semi-literacy, but I'm flexible and patient. I roleplay over several mediums:

AIM bogustits
GMAIL fireflyfight@gmail.com
YAHOO MESSENGER l_hanabishi_l@yahoo.com

I would really prefer the first two if possible. AIM is the absolute best pick for me, but I've managed some pretty good stuff on GMAIL too. No need to audition or anything, I just want to roleplay and soon! Let me know if you're interested : )


doujinshi sales post [05.19.10
Wed [11:16PM]]

All $10 or less, shipping included in the price for the US, includes Gin/Rukia, Ichigo/Rukia & Renji/Rukia, General, Gag, and R18 doujinshi. (Also available in the same post are doujinshi for Code Geass, Gundam 00, and more.)


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