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RP Ads Post: Christmas Eve Edition [12.24.09
Thu [1:46PM]]
Hello all! We'll be continuing on from last month it was these folks, this is your monthly soul_society RP advertisement post. As you all know, RP ads are generally directed to bleach_theatre, a community set aside for the purpose when consensus had them removed from this community, but once a month, I'm here with your monthly list of games seeking Bleach players to fill their ranks.

This month's seekers for your patronage are:

( Super Powers ) - is a multifandom, alternate-universe roleplay set in a futuristic world where the very atmosphere is responsible for the supernatural abilities characters develop.

( Jigoku Apts. ) - is a multifandom game inspired by J-Horror (those scary Japanese movies) and survival horror.

( Evergrove University ) - is an Alternate Universe Multi-Fandom University role playing game in a modern day setting.

( Reverie Lane ) - is a Panfandom Roleplay. Supercomputer takes your precious memories & runs experiments. MYSTERY/SCIFI

Thanks for your time! See ya next month!

Dude.... where are all the games?? O.o


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