June 6th, 2007

Baka to Test - Perfect Area Complete

RP Ads Post: June Edition

Hey! For those of you who missed it last month, this is your monthly role-playing game ads post! Although game advertising goes mainly in bleach_theatre, the soul_society mods have given us permission to compile a list of advertisements to post once a month to foster interest in Bleach rpgs by people who wouldn't normally seek them out or people who were not previously aware of the existence of bleach_theatre.

Bleach RPs are a great way to make friends in the fandom and practice your writing skills. As a member of a few of these games ('sup, MS, LNH!) and a former moderator of even more, I can vouch that they can be a lot of fun at times. That said, on with the ads!

( Before the Storm - Pre-Canon RP )

( Bleach Academy - Boarding School AU RP )

( Hueco Mundo - AU RP)

( Hueco Mundo: Three Worlds Mirrored - Canon AU/OC RP )

( Las Noches High - Arrancar/Hollows/Overlords HS AU RP )

( Mercy Street - Gang War AU RP )

( Soul Touched - Canon AU/OC RP )

( Sword Society - Zanpakutou AU RP )

As always, thank you for your time and interest! ^^ And, game moderators, please reply to this post with your ads for next month's post!
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