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Dammit, I am old.

Оригинал взят у cat_o_love в Dammit, I am old.

Has it ever come to you that Bleach is on for already 14 years?..

Fourteen years.

I am old.
We are all old.

Will it be finished in a year? I doubt that.

No less than two or three years I give it.

Do you want it to end? To finally see everything calm and happy?

How long have you been reading it?
It's 12 years for me.

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I started reading it in college, so it's been about 10 years for me. I wouldn't mind it ending fairly soon, at a point where all the loose story ends can have decent closure. I wouldn't want to see a rushed ending, of course. I find it less compelling than I did in the beginning, I just read it out of loyalty and I wanna know what happens to the characters that I actually care about.
10, cool!

You're right, it's more about the characters and not the story for us now. And I wonder if we are to be loyal for 14 years more! xD Making money, you know. Even with those ridiculous powerups.
Ten years for me, as well. I'm actually still quite enjoying the story. What I just hope is... can we have some Quincies that live, please? I felt like this whole time I've been reading, with Uryuu, it was all building up to some kind of unity, that I'm pretty sure we all (maybe grudgingly) agree will probably be thanks to Ichigo (and hopefully not played Naruto-sappy). But now, they're all dying, and you know, a fair few of them are/were pretty interesting as characters. They're almost all dead. Whereas the Shinigami, painted somewhat shady, are... well, there are hundreds back home.

I have no idea what Kubo's doing and I guess that's part of why I still enjoy it.
To me it's already more about the characters and not the plot, that hasn't changed anyway. I tend to skip some flashback or stories that do not feature characters I like.

As to Sternritters (I don't feel like calling them normal Quinces) I think that Kubo overdid it. Those releases and powers at time become ridiculous and seem to lack basis. He probably was under the deadlines and wanted to make more profit, so he just wasn't thinking on them that carefully.

And hey! Finally someone dies in Bleach for real! I am not even kidding, it was his number 1 flaw if the beginning of the series - nobody was dying for real. It finally changed during the Arrancar arc. On the contrary I expect more prominent shinigamis to die or at least to step down. Which I don't want, cause I like them x)
Yes. I always thought DBZ had much more influence on Tite Kubo and Bleach than on Kishimoto. Most ppl got put off by Bleach because of characters not dying. I always heard people complain about that and gave Naruto plus point for that. But then, Naruto followed that same path. Once characters started dying in Bleach, it finally got interesting. But also sad, because you never wanna have your favourite characters die.
Yeah, it used to be childish - no death, no sexual reference.
Glad it changed, tho Kubo had found another ugly habbit - Sternritters' and their releases. Facepalm all over, why so ridiculous?

Dunno about DBZ, haven't watched it.