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Chapter 631

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Little Bazz B was so cute. Seriously, that's just adorable. I love how he wore a helmet with fringe, and then as an adult he has a mohawk. The two are connected.

And then Yhwach happened.

The question is Jugram's exact feelings. All we got were those few panels, but those few panels and Jugram's general lack of emotions suggest abuse. Bazz is upset because his family was killed by Yhwach. What about Jugram?

Next two things: 1) B's family was killed by fire, and he has the ability to create fire. Kill the monster that killed his family with the same weapon? And if Jugram was being abused, the ability to overpower his enemy would make sense.

And then 2) those clothes. There is no consistent time period to those clothes! They so confuse me!