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Chapter 548

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Missing ichigo...
I'm hoping to this isn't a psych out and we really saw the first blow in soul society's favor. History however has taught me to expect that now we get to see the bad guy's REAL power.
I actually hope it's a psych out and that we'll see Bazz-B's real power, because I think it would be a huge insult to Yamamoto if Hitsugaya managed to do more damage to Bazz-B than him. Granted, Yamamoto was more focused on Yhwach than he was killing Bazz-B, Nananana-whatever, and As Nodt, but he has spent at least 1,000-2,000 honing his shikai and bankai, to Hitsugaya's few decades and, more than likely in this case, days. I think Bazz-B as a character could use more development, but I don't think I want him beat that easy when we've had him withstand someone who had just literally incinerated a man alive... and has probably been doing this as long as he's had that ability.
Toshi and Rangiku did what?

(sigh) I'm so stupid.