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How Do You Think The Manga Will End?

I'm very interested to know what everyone thinks will happen at the end. Will Aizen wreck havoc once again? Will any major characters die? Will certain ships be realised? All opinions are welcome!

No ship or character bashing. If you don't agree with someone's viewpoint, be polite about it but there are different opinions concerning Bleach and everyone has a right to believe what they want. If there any questions, you can contact me anytime.
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Aizen was Ichigo all along.

All according to plan.
I think Ishida and Ichigo are going to pair up to help each other end the war. Ishida has reason to put himself into the perfect place for revenge. Ishida hates everything the shinagami did to his people. Therefore, I figure he's even more bitter about the Quincy ruler committing wholesale slaughter against his own people for such a lame reason as bloodline purity. The Quincy King killed his mom when he was little simply because she was not a pure blood. Getting told he only got picked because he did not die during the King;'s admitted mass slaughter has got to be a sore spot for Ishida.

I believe Ichigo is going to give his all to kill off the Quincy King because of his mother's death now that he knows she was a pure blood Quincy that got infected by a hollow. He finally knows why he has always been a type of hollowfied shinagami now. Knowing everything, Ichigo can probably fully control his hollow in any form now. Understanding which one is the real Zangetsu should let Ichigo understand the situation of his birth, and that he always shared his existence with his hollow.

As far as the Aizen complication, I'm sure he will try to kill Ichigo and Urahara since they were instrumental in capturing him and foiling all of his plans to take over the Soul Society royal Palace as his new home. Beyond that, I can't begin to guess.
This will be an interesting ending.

I think that Ishida will play a part in the ending because of his mother and the mass killing of Quincys. Do you think the Quincy king will release Aizen or has he been killed already since the king went and visited him?
I think that Aizen was captured by the Quincy King. Where he was stashed is a wait and see scenario. Not sure why I have that thought, but I honestly feel that the sentient wish granting gem is going to play a key role in this final ark.

The Quincy King is very ruthless and power mad so he probably wants that all powerful sentient gem that is fused with Aizen's body. Ultimately, from all that I have read of the manga, plus seen of the anime, I think both the Quincy King and Aizen believe that whomever gets final control of that gem will be the ultimate winner of the war. Both are nuts enough to desire control over all three dimensions. Urahara may also feel the same, but I can not say for sure. I do think Urahara is going to attempt to destroy that gem any way he can, and will use anyone he has to to get his own agenda met.

Removing that gem to use for his own purposes will most likely require the Quincy King to try and kill Aizen. Yet, the gem saved Aizen's life in the past, namely against Ichigo's final transformation and powerful energy attack that led to Aizen's capture, and Ichigo losing his powers temporarily. The gem may, or may not, save Aizen a second time. Urahara told Aizen that the gem was trying to reject him after Ichigo beat him in Soul Society.

If Aizen escapes with the gem intact, I can see him trying to get control over the Hollows a second time. Aizen hates to get his own hands dirty if he can avoid doing so directly. Plus, if he uses his fused gem to make the hollows stronger, as he has in the past, he might try to create a 3rd army. I see that being a big fat failure though because Orihime and Chad will slow him down any way possible with Nell's help.

My final thought on the sentient gem is this: Ichigo is the one who beat Aizen in a fair fight in Soul Society. I think the sentience of the gem will choose Ichigo to be the final master of it's powers. Ishida will also side with Ichigo in the last few pages, plus reveal that he was trying to kill the Quincy King all along to avenge the senseless slaughter of the half, and quarter blood Quincys.
The way you've worded it makes me excited to see if this will be the ending. It's exciting! LOL.
I am a writer by trade, so I am trained to see the plot lines and repeated threads that are in place which lets me extrapolate the possibilities with a fair amount of accuracy. Some threads will play out, while others will not end as the plot suggests for the moment because something will get introduced that nullifies the thread's current outcome. I will explain the specific threads I recognize so you can see why I made these predictions.

The sentient gem Thread: This gem was built up over a long period which indicates it has to be a factor in the final ark. Nobody in the print media industry builds up any item to the level the gem was without a final resolution of said item. The moment Aizen was brought up, the gem became the real focus right on schedule. The gem has to be destroyed, or placed in a safe and secure place to completely save this universe. Urahara's foreshadowing bombshell to Aizen that the gem was rejecting him because he was simply not strong enough to satisfy the gem's requirements means it has already chosen a true master. The one who beat Aizen and is stronger than anyone else is the logical answer. Hence, Ichigo is the real master of said gem. Additional cannon hints point to the gem subtly aiding Ichigo throughout the series because he came into contact with it when he took Rukia's powers in the first few pages of the manga. This implies that the gem has always acknowledged Ichigo according to the actual cannon manga, and anime.

Ishida & Ichigo team Thread: Ishida and Ichigo must team up yet again to stop the war. They have worked together even when they are at odds through part of each ark to date, so the pattern is very well established. Ichigo found out that they are related, even if it is distantly so his personality will be even more determined to be Ishida's ally, even as he argues to make it so. Ishida has the personality to always seek revenge for the deaths of his people. Stubborn as Idshida is, he also has a bad case of near blind adoration for his dead grandfather. His grandfather wanted Quincy and Shinagami to work together, not killing each other which is pointed out repeatedly throughout the series. Another hard driven factor in Ishida's makeup that will draw him to Ichigo yet again. He will always put his grandfather's dearest desire first, and Ichigo with Rukia and Renji have always been solid proof that such an alliance can be achieved. This makes them the main power behind the force of change this series is striving to find by ending with an alliance between Quincy and Shinagami that Ichigo and friends are able to create and enforce due to hard experience which the Gotai 13 and Quincy host both lack.

Someone also mentioned that they think Ichigo will become the King's successor for Soul Society, the same as Ishida was named the Quincy heir, and I can see how they came to that conclusion. Zero squad has a member whom talks about the King's adoration of Ichigo be saying the King likes "swinging from Ichigo's ball sac." That may prove to be a genuine foreshadow, or a simple clue as to Ichigo getting offered a position as a new member of the Zero squad. Finally, Ichigo and Friends may be asked to form a new group for the sake of protecting newly established peace between the Quincy and Shinagami faction. Such a group will be independent of both factions and act as a policing agency of sorts with their heaviest focus upon mediating to get the two sides upon the same page.

Either way, due to the development of his human friends getting offered passes to visit Soul Society, I think that Ichigo is going to be stuck keeping the peace in Soul Society and the Quincy offshoot dimension whether he likes it or not or the three dimensions will remain on the brink of collapse by the time this war gets concluded.
I also think that Urahara might play a bigger role in all of this, what now with his hollow army and all that. I also think that he's pulling the strings and somehow that he's in cahoots with Ishida.

Also, we might find out that Aizen is somehow secretly good.
I think so too. What about Rukia, Chad, Orihime and Renji? Or the Gotei 13? Who will survive and who do you think will not?
I have a feeling that all of those people will survive... If anyone were to go, it would be Renji, because I just can't see him killing off Rukia or Orihime, and Chad hasn't had enough character development for his death to make a huge *impact* as it is. I also think that somehow Kenpachi will pass the torch onto Ichigo, making Ichigo the third Kenpachi.
Ichigo and friends kick ass. Worlds are saved. And it's revealed that Ichigo is to be the Soul King's successor.
Chuckles because the ass kicking by Ichigo, and his sworn friends to some extent, is the end all, be all, for the series during every single ark to date.

Yeah, I can see how some might expect the King Succession as this being the grand finale. Ishida is now the Quincy King Successor, so it would seem likely that Ichigo would become Soul Society King's successor, doesn't it? Since the two or first cousins, they would both act as the balancing force between the ideologically stagnant, and therefore warring groups through a succession clause that ends the war for good. The Quincy and Shinagami would be pushed to a new place because of Ichigo being born with both bloodlines in his veins. Ishida has some members of the Gotei 13's respect. So between them, it would make sense that a new interaction between the clashing groups could get established to make for a happy ending.