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Really cheap items up for sale!!!

Really cheap items up for sale!!!
Due to the lack of space in my apartment and my hobby of collecting figurines and such, EVERYTHING MUST GO. Some of these items weren’t seen as much in this community so I figure people would like to purchase them. All these items are absolutely legit as they were purchased from local Japanese markets in my area. All the items I will be selling are Weekly Shonen Jumps (Japanese), figurines, cards, and etc etc. Due to my desperate need of space, these items are being sold for even lower the regular price I have bought them for.

*Shipping is not included in these prices but I can ship international as well. I ship from California.
**Just a warning to international buyers, it might be more expensive to ship and depending on my past experience there are “customs” depending on where you live.
*** I accept paypal only.

All Magazines/ Manga are in order between cover picture and spine from top left to bottom right.

Weekly shonen Jump 2008-2009-2010 issues

Price $3.50 each.

[spoiler] A bit more damaged assorted Weekly Shonen Jump Magazines.

Price is $1 each

Akumaru Jump Magazines and Weekly Shonen Jump Issue 2000 (weekly Shonen comes with a poster of all Shonen Jump characters (sold)

Price is $6 each 

V jump

Price is $5.

Treasure Gate One Piece Set or individual

$5 each.

One Piece Game Figures #2 with Secret Robin Figure

Each $4. 

One Piece Game Figures #1

$4 each.

Special Styling Figures, Holiday Styling Figures, Alabasta Styling Figures

$6 each.

Dragon Ball Z/ One Piece Mash-up Figurines, a Special Sunny Go Dragon, and Lelouch/ White King key charm figure (from Code Geass)

$3 each. (I have two Dragon Riding Zoro's)

Onepiece Trinkets and Mini Nami Thriller Bark Figure

$2 each.

One Piece Wanted and Yellow Manga Data Book

$15 each.

  One Piece Character Cards

$1 each.

Grand Log Cards

$.50 each

  Jump Festa 2009

$75 for set. (no individual sale)[/spoiler]

Non-One Piece related items

  Assorted Manga

$5 each.

Shonen Gangan and CoroCoro

$1 each. (note: these books are fairly heavy so shipping may cost more)[/spoiler]

Black and White Ninja Gundam SD Model and Royal Samurai Gundam SD Model (names are in Japanese, I can't read it)

$7 for the Ninja and $8 for the Royal Samurai (note: the Samurai is bigger)

Gintama, Neon Genisis Evangelion, and Naruto cards

$.50 each.

$5 for the bag

We will respond to any PM in at least 24 hours. Thank you for helping me out.
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