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Kill Me

Bleach anime post SS arc

News from Go! Go! JUMP, which has a special report on the anime.

Shinigami in high school! Yes, the arc that follows from the SS arc will be animated. BUT! Not so soon. First, the anime series will go into original scenarios, as already mentioned plenty of times on this comm. After the manga has progressed enough, the series will go back to following the story. The original scenarios will take place in the human world, not Soul Society. But, will shinigami still appear? Wait and see!

(Yes, that means that the above image is purely fan service for this article.)

Upcoming anime schedule:
12/20 ep62
12/27 break
01/03 break
01/10 one-hour special (ep 63) * end of SS arc
01/17 original scenario begins (ep 64)

Lastly, the Bleach movie is confirmed for release in December 2006. Still no further details for now.
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